From: Chairman Committee Foreign Settlement <[email protected]> Date: 26 April 2018 at 21:12 Subject: RE: VERIFICATION AND RELEASE OF FUND. To:
*In accordance with the external condemnation/petitions from foreign creditors over non-payment of their overdue fund, in conjunction with United Nations Organization has constituted an Anti-corruption Committee to create Global Awareness’ to all Foreign Contractors and fund beneficiary’s, to be resolve and immediately release all* *outstanding debts immediately, in serving the financial needs of a rapidly expanding customers.*
*We will work hard to earn the confidence and trust you have placed in us. We know our neighbors and we will offer more personalized and friendlier service in meeting all of your financial needs, I am contacting you just for one reason that the fund can still be paid if I recommend because my discovery has not been revealed to* *anyone yet. I want to let you know that the fund can be paid if you are ready to follow my advise and work secretly with me due to the fact that I have interest in the fund . I want to benefit from it, so let me know if you can be able to receive the fund for the opportunity falls within my area of Jurisdiction.For us to proceed, you are required to send to me your details which will be used for proper Job description. Note that all moralities has been mapped out and it is 100% safe.*
*From the records of outstanding funds due for immediate payment, your name/particulars were discovered as next on the approved list.Fund has been approved on your behalf for this first quota of 2018 fiscal year. For your information, we have assigned Commonwealth Bank UK Branch to handle all related transactions to avoid further complain from beneficiaries about incessant taxes, fees etc, You are warn to desist from any office from now henceforth and deal with me alone , to avoid wasting further through the Agents, those that presently to stand as the beneficiary.*
*My office has received the following information from United Nations Secretary General Cabinet today as regards to your fund. File No:* *790042, United Kingdom Inspection Cooperation (UKIC) Ref: No#: GNP/3480/02/00, Indemnity clearance No#: UNB/UKI/V1233/PPC-X29/98,* *Special Duties Office Approved No#:LM/05/371NGF/010, United Kingdom National Procurement Corporation (UNNPC) Approve No#: UNNPC/FMFNG002/CBL/DF101, Payment Ref No#: 111162AP.*
*Kindly re-confirm the following information*
*1) Your full name:* *2) Contact address:* *3) Nationality:* *4) Phone number :* *5) Gender:* *6) Age:* *7) Copy of your identification, to serve as proof of Identity.*
*As soon as this information is received, your payment will be made to your nominated bank account directly, You are advised to desist from further communication with any(s) to avoid total cancellation of the payment. New payment mode has been assigned to you.*
*Yours Faithfully,* *Chairman Committee Foreign Settlement*