AUSTRALIA LOTTO WINNING NOTIFICATION ALERT Dear Sir/Madam, We are delighted to inform you of your prize release on the November, 2013 from the Australian Lotto incorporated program. This is an bonus to promote lotto in Australia Which is fully based on an electronic selection of winners using their e-mail addresses form some Web site. Your email address was attached to ticket number; 47061725 07056490902serial number 7741137002 This batch draws the lucky numbers as follows 5-13-33-37-42bonus number 17,which consequently won the lotto in the second category. You here by have been approved a lump sum pay of US$800,000.00 Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars)in cash credit file ref: ILP/HW 47509/02 from the total cash prize shared amongst eight lucky winners in this category. All participant were selected through a computer balloting system drawn form Nine hundred thousand E-mail addresses. HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: Simply contact our fiducially agent: NAME: REV.DR.IAN HORGAN E-mail address: [email protected] Send your Identification Numbers/Your Personal Information to him immediately. Personal Information 1. Full name:- 2. Country:- 3. Contact Address:- 4. Telephone Number:- 5. Marital Status:- 6. Occupation:- 7. Age:- 8. Sex:- Make sure you follow the instruction carefully. For security purposes and clarity we advise that you keep your winning informations confidential, and not to be disclosed to anyone until your claim have been fully processed. BE WARNED! Congratulations once again on your winnings!!! Best Regards Osama Ahmed Coordinator Online.