Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer From the desk of Mr Kenneth Mark of Banco Santander Madrid Branch Address: Calle Alonso Ojeda 16C/P 2A, 28007 Madrid Spain Department of Int’l Wire Transfer/Telex Dept. Contact me through this email ( [email protected] ) for security reasons Attention, RE:INSTRUCTION TO CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT WITH THE SUM OF US$30,500,000.00 We at this bank wish to congratulate and inform you that after thorough review and evaluation of your Inheritance/Contract funds in conjunction with the World Bank Auditor General and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)assessment report, your payment file was forwarded to us for immediate transfer of the above quoted amount to your designated bank account from their offshore account with us. The reports given to us shows that you have been going through hard times by paying a lot of money to see to the release of your funds. The only thing required from you is to send all the transfer documents that will enable you receive your fund to enable us credit your account directly by telegraphic transfer or through any of our corresponding banks and send copies of the funds transfer release documents to you and your bankers for confirmation.Your transfer slip N0:BA001176894/14.Please quote this transfer slip in all your correspondence with this office.Please find attached your ATM CARD NO:BA00771156BA.you could use it to withdraw up $10000 from any ATM outlet.Should you follow our directives, your funds will be credited and reflect in your account within five (5) bank working days from the day you send all the transfer documents that will enable you receive your fund. For further details and assistance on this Remittance Notification, kindly forward your FULL CONTACT ADDRESS, TELEPHONE and FAX NUMBERS.Contact me through this email ( [email protected] ) for security reasons Yours sincerely, Mr Kenneth Mark