Your Approved Payment 0X1

From: Audit Dept <[email protected]> Date: 1 June 2017 at 15:01 Subject: Your Approved Payment 0X1 To:
Good Day We write to inform you that all shortlisted beneficiaries of actegory C-E payment will receive the funds via the CBN/ADB reserve bank account at Royal Bank Of Scotland (RSB)
Fill out attached payment form and return asap to enable us authenticate your payment by wire in line with with 2nd quarter payment schedule 7 Guideline. Lets know if the payment officer Mrs. John Ofili has contacted you with the wire instruction because wire within 48hrs. Be Informed that all authenticated payments have an option to receiving $1m by ATM card first to enable them pay all taxes/fees for the wire. The atm card will be overnight delivery.
Do reconfirm the info below:.
1) Your Full Names ……………… 2. Address………. 3) your cell phone…….. 4) Your full bank account details……. 5) Scanned Copy of Your Id…..
Treat this message as very Urgent .
Regards Patrick Marsh Auditor General Foreign Monetary & Banking Policy [email protected]