Your Approved Payment

From: Audit Audit <[email protected]> Date: 12 September 2017 at 18:16 Subject: Your Approved Payment To:
Good Day
It is very important you get back to me very quickly for a detailed brief on an ongoing plot to steal your contract inheritance fund under a false report that you are dead. A Billionaire from Saudi Arabia has been lured to believe you are dead, and he has forwarded an application and the processing is currently being pursued vigorously with his influence, money and connections.
As I write, all approvals, charges and taxes associated with the processing and release of this fund to Post Finance Bank account in Bern Switzerland has been completed. So, you MUST stop deflate this move by immediately writing the paying authority that you are still alive and well as against the lies told by the Saudi Billionaire and his cohorts. Do not doubt this information nor treat it with despise.
You will get to know more about this upon your response because I shall give you all available hidden information as far as I know. I await your urgent reaction to this so I can give you details and the right office to contact in order to swiftly foil this fraud. Do get back with your full names, ,occupation & bank details of where funds will be wired into if indeed you are alive.
Isabel Idris Deputy Dir.foreign Payments& Surveillance Debt Management Office (DMO) OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY