From: OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY <[email protected]> Date: 12 March 2018 at 09:46 Subject: RE: YOUR FUND CLAIM FROM OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY To:
Dear Sir/Madam
Sequel to a brief meeting held this morning between the President and the Central Bank of Nigeria, it has been resolved that all beneficiaries whose contracts/inheritance funds have not been paid should now have a cause to smile.In the meeting, it was concluded that the concerned beneficiaries should be paid their contracts/inheritance funds without them (beneficiaries) paying any charges before they can receive such funds.
NOTE: For the fact that each beneficiary concerned should not pay any fee/charges, you must ensure that all your contract documentations are complete, genuine and up to date to enable us process your payment without any delay.
As a result of this, no charges/fees shall be paid by any beneficiary concerned as all these will be deducted from the principal fund, In view of this, you are to forward all your account details for reconfirmation with the ones in our possession before the payment will be made to such a beneficiary.
For further details you can call me on my phone line: +234-70-62392035. Make sure you call for more information.Kindly treat this as a matter of urgency as we are here to serve you better.
Expecting your prompt and urgent response to this subject matter.
Best Regards
Nelson Uba