From: Ibrahim Date: 8 October 2012 02:41 Subject: YOUR QUICK REPLY IS NEEDED To:

Sir, I am Mohammed Malik Ibrahim, special aide to Hassan Turkmani, crises management chief in Syria. You may have read or heard so many stories about him and also about the political uprising against President Assad since March 2011.

Kindly watch this link it will also help you to understand me more, HassanTurkmani has amassed stupendous wealth before he was killed. Presently the western states have begun confiscating investments and assets belonging to the top officials of present government. You may have read similar news as posted in the link below:

I am seeking your immediate assistance in securing some of his asset, which include tons of gold bars and some physical cash valued Twenty five million United States Dollars only ($25,000,000.00 USD) as it stands now, there is no traceable link between this amount and the government both local and international.

For now I need your urgent response because the money will be moved out of Syria with the help of a private carrier company representive who has been assisting me for this issue. As you know, i cannot travel out of Syria due to the impending situation and the war is on the high side. Please contact me by email to enable me conconclude all with your details and let you know how to meet with the private carrier representative for the collection and claim of the funds and the gold bars contained in a smart-mega case. Therefore, you will collect the funds and the gold bar as classified documents in the smart-mega case. Please note.

On your respond please do provide your full contact details such as: phone/full name/location. I look forward to reading from you via my private email: [email protected]

Regards Mohammed Malik Ibrahim